English STORE- Phase 1

Lesson 4P: Pronunciation Practice

Đọc theo giáo viên, đọc thành tiếng, tập trung vào endings sounds và cách nối âm

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0uDkCfItyw&feature=youtu.be

Traffic Jams — No End in Sight

There are

no easy answers

the problems of

traffic congestion

congestion affects people

throughout the world

Traffic jams cause smog

in dozens of cities

across both

developed and developing world

In the U.S.


spend an average

of a full work week

each year

sitting in traffic


alternative ways of getting around

are available

most people

still choose their cars


they are looking for

convenience, comfort, and privacy

The most promising technique

for reducing city traffic

is called

congestion pricing


cities charge a toll

to enter certain parts of town

at certain times of the day

In theory

if the toll is high enough

some drivers

will cancel

their trips


go by bus or train

And in practice

it seems to work

Singapore, London, and Stockholm

have reduced

traffic and pollution

in city centers

thanks to

congestion pricing

Another way

to reduce rush hour traffic


for employers

to implement


which lets employees

travel to and from work

at off-peak traffic times

to avoid the rush hour


who have to travel

during busy times

can do their part

by sharing cars


can also allow

more staff

to telecommute

(work from home)

so as to keep more cars

off the road altogether



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