English STORE- Phase 1

Lesson 5P: Pronunciation

1. Đọc thành tiếng, lặp lại sau giáo viên (repeat after teacher)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8jFmp1ONlQ&feature=youtu.be

In 1914, the first air-conditioning device was installed in a private house. However, its size, similar to that of an early computer, meant it took up too much space to come into widespread use, and later models, such as the Weathermaker, which Carrier brought out in the 1920s, cost too much for most people. Cooling for human comfort, rather than industrial need, really took off when three air conditioners were installed in the J.L. Hudson Department Store in Detroit, Michigan. People crowded into the shop to experience the new invention. The fashion spread from department stores to cinemas, whose income rose steeply as a result of the comfort they provided.

2. Lặp lại sau giáo viên, tập thực hành cách nối âm

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz-z0zg9UWM&feature=youtu.be

The history

of an invention

makes life

more pleasant

first air unit

just a year



with a

Masters in Engineering

At a

printing plant

fluctuations in

heat and

were causing

size of


changing slightly

making it hard

different colors

Carrier’s invention

made it

control temperature

levels and

the colors

invention also

allowed industries

such as






In 1914

the first


was installed in a

private house

its size

that of an early computer

took up

too much

come into

widespread use

later models

brought out in

the 1920s

cost too much

for most people

cooling for human comfort

rather than

industrial need

took off

were installed


crowded into

whose income

as a result of

the comfort

they provided

money-conscious employers

regarded air conditioning

as a luxury

comfortable as well

putting out a

message about

its product

amongst employees

typists increased

from a

regular office

cooled one

carried out

cited air conditioning

as the single important

contributor in

has its critics

sailors in

gone for a long time

do work outside in bad weather

holes in them

thinner or

lost color

They needed

against wear and tear

longer and

type of cloth

their trip

made of

dyed indigo

Indians use

cloth in

cut it

wore it on their trips


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